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I bought my first motorcycle, , a used 1989 Suzuki 750 Intruder, in Fall of 1992, shortly after moving from the East Bay city of Alameda, California, to Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. Riding a motorcycle seemed like a convenient way to get around the City and a good solution to finding parking places -- and, it looked like fun. A few months later, after completing the motorcycle safety course and obtaining my motorcycle license, I started riding across the Bay Bridge to work in Emeryville. The Suzuki seemed a little light in the gusty winds on the bridge, so I bought my second bike, a much heavier 1993 Kawasaki Concours. In March, 1994, I purchased this Harley-Davidson. I used to love the view from this spot on Montgomery Street near the intersection with Union, a short walk from where I lived.

Just down the hill was North Beach, one of San Francisco's most interesting and lively areas. I took this picture during a walk in the City a few years before I moved. I thought it was funky and funny, like much of North Beach.

That Harley has been a lot of places. In May and June of 1996, I rode it across America and back. It's a 1994 Dyna Convertible, and quite comfortable for one-up long-distance touring, except for the rainy days, when everything tends to get wet.

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A funny thing happened: I fell in love with motorcycles! Whenever the weather permits, which is most of the year in California, I would much rather travel on two wheels than on four. Fortunately, I started riding at a time in my life when I had enough experience to respect fast machines and appreciate the need to operate them safely. I already had my thrills, a couple of minor mishaps, and a lot of near misses with fast cars!

I sold the 750 Intruder in 1994, shortly after purchasing the Harley. But at the end of 1994 I bought another Suzuki, this time a Katana 600 -- sold that one and the Concours in 2001. Currently, in addition to the 1994 Harley, I have two other bikes: a BMW K1200LT Custom, purchased new in April 2001, and a 1982 Honda Gold Wing 1100 Aspencade I bought from a neighbor in 1999.

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